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Weekend match against Cyclones will test NU volleyball team

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On Saturday, the Nebraska volleyball team will take on the Iowa State Cyclones at the NU Coliseum. The Huskers come off of a winning debut last week against South Dakota.

After playing last week, senior Kelsey Robinson couldn’t help but notice how much change has occurred on the court.

“We have so many new faces out there right now,” Robinson said. “When we played on Saturday, I looked around, there were five faces I haven’t played with on the court yet. In that aspect (being a senior), I realized ‘Wow, I’m a senior year now, and these are my little babies. I’ve got to take care of them.’”

Coach John Cook said in this short spring season, he realizes how hard it is to develop great teamwork and great team chemistry.

“I think just trying to get smoother playing indoors,” Cook said. “We’ve got a lot of people trying to figure out, first of all what we want them to do and trying to play within in a team. It just makes me realize how hard it is to develop great teamwork and great team chemistry because there is a short amount of time.”

For this weekend, Cook knows that Iowa State will challenge the team more than South Dakota, he said.

“We played South Dakota, so they’re not gonna stress us as much as Iowa State, so we’re gonna have to be better if we wanna compete with Iowa State,” he said.

According to Robinson, the team just wants to get into the groove for the season.

“I would say the rhythm, getting into the groove with everybody because, like I said, we’ve got new players out there,” Robinson said. “The whole team is ... brand new. It’s finding that groove and finding out how to mesh with each other on and off the court.”

Cook is aware this weekend’s game is a big matchup. He said if Iowa State beats Nebraska, it would make their season. It’s also a big matchup because there are a lot of Nebraskan athletes who play for the Cyclones. Regardless, he and the team will be fired up, he said.

“It’d make their season to beat us,” he said. “It always does. It’s always a big matchup. They have Nebraska kids that are always fired up to play us. So we’ll be fired up.”

According to Cook, Iowa State has replaced some seniors on their team. It may not be as many as Nebraska, but this should be a big game.

“They’re replacing some seniors, too,” he said. “I don’t think they lost as much as we did. We beat them up there last spring and beat us at their place. It’ll be a big match. We should have a big crowd.”

This weekend’s game will test Nebraska to see where they stand and what they still need to learn for the future.

“It’s after spring football and it’s Iowa State,” Cook said. “They’ll bring a lot of fans. It’s a really good test to see where we’re at and what we have to learn from these matches.”

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