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Dear Readers,

As we sit here and write this letter on Fall Semester 2021 Eve, a few rays of sunshine are poking through the trees into the basement windows of The Daily Nebraskan office. It’s a beautiful day outside, but it’s a bit difficult to see the sky from our vantage point.

That’s what the last 18 months have felt like. The COVID-19 pandemic that is still raging around the world has made it difficult to see the light in our lives on a daily basis.

But, as classes begin, we at The Daily Nebraskan are tentatively excited for the upcoming year. While we aren’t out of the woods yet when it comes to the pandemic, rays of hope are shining through to illuminate a hopefully safe and relatively normal fall semester. 

We know many of you have questions about what a normal year looks like at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Everything was so strange last year, and while we still are very clearly living in an altered world, the return of in-person classes and activities will mark a huge change for UNL students. 

Roughly half of the undergraduate student body is not used to typical Husker experiences. Sophomores who had a pandemic-altered freshman year, as well as the incoming freshman class, may have never experienced a Husker game day or explored the wonders of downtown Lincoln.

But The Daily Nebraskan is here to help with our Guide to Campus. Over the summer, we put our heads together to create as many guides, how-tos and best-ofs about life as a Husker that we could possibly think of. From breakdowns of prominent people and organizations on campus and dorm life to the best coffee shops and entertainment options near campus, our Guide can help you navigate your first few weeks as a Husker and beyond. 

This project does not stop with the first round of stories. The Guide to Campus is intended to be a living, breathing resource for UNL community members to consult whenever they need it. We will continuously update our Guide to reflect the most accurate information on campus as well as add new stories for years to come. 

If you have any questions about campus, you are always welcome to submit them to our Curious Cornhuskers initiative. At the very least, we will answer the question for you in a standard article, and if the question is extensive enough, specifically dedicate a guide to it.

We hope you are all as excited for this semester as we are — and that you can utilize our Guide to have the best Husker experience possible. 

Signing off,

The Daily Nebraskan Staff