DN alum Mike Reilley leads a seminar at the 2019 DN reunion.

The Daily Nebraskan has seen countless generations cross through its doors since its founding. 

The writers, photographers, artists and editors who have passed through The DN newsroom have had dramatically different experiences. Some worked on typewriters, while others on Twitter. Some spent their nights pasting up the next day’s paper, while others toiled over a computer to publish stories online.

No matter how you spent your time at The DN — which most likely should have been working toward looming deadlines — the newsroom likely served as a second home for you and your peers as you found your passion that would ultimately help launch your career.

Today, the DN Alumni Advisory Board is launching a survey geared toward building a deeply rooted alumni network to help support current DN staff members and strengthen bonds across generations of DN alumni. 

There’s plenty to tie together the countless generations of DNers. By completing this survey, you will play an important role in developing a strong foundation of alumni for years to come.

P.S. Spread the word! Help us reach more DN alumni by sharing this survey with the DNers in your network.