Coronavirus editorial art

Dear readers, 

In October of 1918, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln closed for several weeks due to the Spanish Influenza outbreak. Even then, The Daily Nebraskan continued to publish. 

On Thursday, March 12, UNL announced it would cancel classes for a week and go online for the remainder of the semester in wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Even now, The Daily Nebraskan will continue to publish online. 

We are dedicated to providing updated coverage related to COVID-19, which stands for coronavirus disease 2019, and the effects it has on the UNL community. 

We started a Twitter thread to post all COVID-19-related updates. We had reporters on the ground in Indianapolis at the Big Ten Tournament, where there was a COVID-19 scare with Nebraska basketball head coach Fred Hoiberg. We reported on the university’s decision to move classes online in less than 10 minutes after the news broke. We reported on changes to transit and faculty’s paid leave. We gathered students’ reactions to UNL’s online switch. 

We have covered numerous stories surrounding the coronavirus, but we want to learn more.

We want to inform students about the plans for Husker Pantry, Information Technology Services, the University Health Center and other aspects of student life during this time.

For all UNL students, we want to know how this shift to online impacts your learning.

For graduating seniors, we want to learn how graduation requirements will be affected by the COVID-19 virus. For incoming students, we want to know about the outbreak’s effects on New Student Enrollment. 

But we also want to report on the glimmers of hope amid the pandemic. Readers, we ask that you inform us about what community members are doing to help each other in this alarming state worldwide. We encourage you to reach out to us with stories and utilize the Curious Cornhuskers form to ask questions about the many changes the university is facing.

We aim to continue telling the stories of artists, filmmakers, designers and anyone else whose passion makes waves in an increasingly disparate community. Albums will continue to release, movies will remain ready to watch and we plan to continue our usual stories in addition to covering the coronavirus. 

The Big Ten conference cancelled all sporting events for the rest of the year, ending all remaining Husker sports seasons. But this doesn’t mean we will stop publishing sports related content, as there are an abundance of stories left to be told.

The world will continue to rotate as usual, and the coronavirus won’t dominate every area of our lives. While we will ensure to capture the impact of the coronavirus on our empty campus, we’ll make sure to include enough stories to make it feel full. 

The world has changed right before our eyes, and we want to be the ones who report on these changes. Our lives are widely affected by this outbreak, so it’s only fitting that our coverage reflects that. 

However, the biggest challenge we face as a publication is how to continue publishing while keeping our staff safe. 

On Thursday, we made the decision to close our office and work remotely. Instead of bringing staffers into the office, we will report, edit and publish from the safety of our homes. 

Despite the changes to our newsroom operations, we’ve learned to come together as a staff and stay true to our mission of informing the campus and Lincoln community, no matter the circumstance. 


The Daily Nebraskan Editorial Staff