Imagine you, your daughter or your friend has been training for years in her sport and is set to win the title or championship, only to have all her effort and hard work surpassed by a transgender female, or a person with XY chromosomes, wiping out the entire competition. 

President Biden signed an executive order on Jan. 20, 2021, which further protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It mandates that all students should be able to learn and participate in school without being discriminated against due to sex. This enables transgender women to be able to compete alongside females. 

"Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports,” the order reads. 

President Biden’s executive order allowing transgender women to compete in women’s athletics is unfair and ultimately a violation of women’s rights because people with XY chromosomes have a disproportionate advantage in performance and ability. 

It is discriminatory towards cisgender women, some who have been training for years, to race against transgender women and most likely lose. It is a fact that on average, males are faster and stronger than women. 

Due to testosterone levels, men naturally have more muscle than women, allowing them to compete at an increased level. Men also have on average less body fat, larger lungs, a higher VO2 max, larger hearts, more hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body’s tissues) as well as longer legs and narrower hips. All of these differences combined are the reason why men’s and women’s sports — such as track and field — are usually separated.

During infancy, males have 75-400 ng/dl of testosterone whereas females only have 20-80 ng/dl. During adolescence and especially puberty, males can gain up to 1,200 ng/dl of testosterone whereas the height of testosterone in females is only about 75-80. Even in middle and high school, males have a greater amount of testosterone that keeps increasing with age. A higher level of testosterone greatly impacts a person’s athletic performance, even at a young age. 

Any transgender females in K-12 are now able to compete in female athletics with no questions asked or specific estrogen level. The NCAA, however, is more strict with allowing transgender women to compete in women’s athletics at the college level. Although I agree with more strict requirements, it still allows for transgender women to have a disproportionate advantage to women. 

Rules for college athletes differ slightly from K-12 athletes. Any K-12 transgender female is allowed to compete in female athletics, whereas the NCAA requires transgender females to be on estrogen one year before partipating in a college sport. The amount of testosterone a biological male has indirectly decreases with increased estrogen, but still has higher levels of testosterone than women, giving the transgender female still a huge advantage over biological females. 

I enjoy seeing the progressiveness of our country, especially in our youth. We are making huge changes in openness, allowing people to love who they love and allowing people to be who they want to be. Every person’s happiness is the most important thing in the world. Every person feeling heard, accepted and included is also incredibly important. 

However, one person’s inclusion should not negatively impact another’s. That is the situation we see happening when young females are beaten in sporting events by a transgender female with increased, unfair advantage. This promotion of equality turns into inequality for others.

Transgender women should be able to participate in whatever they’d like, but it turns into a problem when cisgender women lose places, titles, possible scholarship opportunities and more. 

In order for transgender women to be able to participate, some cisgender women may have to take the sideline to equate for that. This could be said for both sides of the equation here; either way, somebody isn’t getting their plastic participation trophy. It’s difficult to make everybody happy, but it’s important to do what’s right for the majority in a circumstance like this. 

Transgender women deserve the same amount of respect and equality as everybody else, but allowing them to compete at an advantage over cisgender women is unfair and ultimately does not promote equality. 

Allowing transgender women in women’s athletics entirely misses the point of equality. Most women’s and men’s sports are separate for a reason: differing testosterone and estrogen levels which cause a major difference in ability and performance. 

Biden’s executive bill should not be required to be put into effect for K-12 schools and universities across America for the sake of equality and preventing unfair practices in athletics. 

Emerson McClure is a freshman journalism and advertising and public relations double major. Reach her at