Letter to the Editor Sig

To the DN Editor,

In response to the recent protests calling for justice for sexual violence survivors, it may be tempting to consider recent events as isolated incidents. Do not be misled. Sexual assault is an ongoing issue on college campuses. Estimates from The Association of American Universities in 2018 show 59% of undergraduate women have experienced harassment, interpersonal violence and stalking. The numbers for queer students are even higher. Men and graduate students are also survivors.

Unionize UNL is in solidarity with all students standing against sexual violence. As graduate student workers, we know students cannot learn and workers cannot work in an unsafe environment. Sexual violence and the campus culture that enables it endangers us all.

Each of us can take action. We can show up to protests, share resources and sign the circulating petitions. We can take bystander intervention training. We can enroll in women’s, gender and sexuality studies classes to understand the root causes of sexual violence. We can join our union and fight together to make campus safer for everyone.

Together we can build a campus where all students and workers are free from fear.

In solidarity,

The Unionize UNL Steering Committee