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Kayla Simon’s polarizing column published on Friday, Sept. 27 has already lapped my Facebook wall numerous times, but as a former out-of-state UNL student, I have to comment directly.

I came to Lincoln in 2006 from suburban New Jersey. Though it was a tough first semester for me, I eventually learned to welcome Lincoln and UNL with open arms and in turn, the university and entire state of Nebraska did the same to me.

As a midwesterner herself, Ms. Simon seems to be filled with a lot of pretension, which is exactly what needs to be left at the airport when one moves to Lincoln. Before I left, my parents told me the best attitude I could have was to keep an open mind about everything. In doing so, I never made petty comments about people wearing camouflage to class or the state’s dominating country music preference. And what did it get me? I now have a core group of fiends located all over the state whose families have welcomed me as their own.

Going to school in Lincoln has allowed me to become a humble person and that has transferred over nicely to my new life and career in New York. If Ms. Simon cannot deal with the fact that all states have different cultures, she should transfer back to Illinois.

Andrew Lamberson

Class of 2010

Former Daily Nebraskan Photo Chief

Brooklyn, NY