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Since graduating from U of N in 1971, I have never been so proud of my alma mater as now. Not since the Vietnam war have I witnessed students daring to challenge the establishment and exercise their rights and beliefs, especially when they are not advocated by the majority. I especially appreciate Mr. Rose-Ivey and fellow teammates who have stood up for justice, knowing the backlash that would surely follow. Following Nebraska's first National Championship in the 1970 season, President Nixon arrived in Lincoln to present the mythical national championship trophy to the team in the Coliseum, John Decker [...] refused to take the stage because of his stance against the Vietnam War. Today, I am just as proud. Those who disparage any students or citizens because of their civil rights are the ones that should be admonished. They can also be removed from office by the will of the people. One of your jobs as a student is to be socially concerned and to become a leader of your generation. Use your time in Lincoln to learn and act.

Larry Eggert

Kearney, Nebraska