*Editor's note: The following is a letter to the editor written by the Envision Party. A runoff election between Elevate and Radiate will occur on Tuesday, March 15 on MyRed.unl.edu from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Envision Party has made a collective decision to endorse Radiate in the ASUN Student Government runoff Election on March 15th. Multiple factors contributed to this decision, and we are grateful that The Daily Nebraskan has allowed us to articulate these reasons in their publication.

First and foremost, Radiate has run a very positive campaign. Radiate showed commitment to their campaign by holding a large number of informational events leading up to the election and worked hard to expand their outreach to non-traditional voters. Even while we were campaigning against one another, Radiate always maintained mutual respect for our candidates and platforms. If a question or point of clarification was needed regarding any of our platforms, Radiate asked our party members in a professional manner during debates. Through their tireless work, the entire Radiate team has earned our respect and we believe that this work has earned them the respect of the voters.

Radiate has also demonstrated their desire to be open to student input. An integral part of their platform was the voices of their senators and of the student body as a whole, even those not involved with ASUN. We believe the ideology of openness brought forth by Radiate will allow us to achieve the goals we set out to achieve while still being open to the whole student body. This openness will allow us greater flexibility to build a coalition movement in ASUN this year that will allow us to achieve our mutual goals.

In Senate and on the campaign trail, our team has seen proven and consistent leadership from Spencer, Laurel and Morgan. As Speaker of the Senate in ASUN this year, Spencer Hartman has stood by his beliefs while also maintaining an openness to compromise and incorporation of others’ ideas. Under his leadership, we have seen a very productive year in ASUN that we feel would only continue under his leadership as the President of ASUN.

Laurel has remained consistently dedicated to ASUN throughout her time at UNL, and chaired a Communications Committee that oversaw the largest voter turnout in ASUN history. While serving on the Tech Fee Allocation Committee this past year, Morgan was the driving force to the movement that allowed all students to access the Adobe Creative Cloud.

We are certain that these candidates will continue to work hard to advance the goals of all students at UNL.