Ally Sargus

Dear readers, 

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times already: It’s unfortunate this pandemic is happening during our college years. 

Seniors have been forced to give up several “lasts” –– their last in-person class, spring break and likely, their last graduation ceremony. Athletes had their seasons cut short, freshmen had to say goodbye to new friends too soon and graduate students had to halt some of their research. 

While we have every right to grieve these losses, we cannot be oblivious to the real issue at hand: the coronavirus is growing at a rapid pace, and our loved ones are at risk. 

Cheap airline tickets, shopping malls and house parties are not worth the death of a parent or grandparent.

I am tired of turning on the news and hearing Dr. Anthony Fauci urge young people to take the coronavirus seriously. 

When videos of students on spring break in Florida spread across the media, I felt an immense embarrassment to be a part of this generation. I could not fathom such an immature and idiotic move in a time like this. 

Officials shouldn’t have to beg young people to follow guidelines that will ultimately save lives. We need to find it in our hearts to do the right thing. We need to step up and prove to the country that its future is in good hands.

It is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect the at-risk populations in our country. 

More travel opportunities will become available. Shopping malls will always be there. Bars will eventually reopen and partying will resume. But time with our parents and grandparents will not persist if we continue to be ignorant.

Our parents spent years protecting us from harm, now it’s our turn to protect them.

When we look back on the COVID-19 pandemic years from now, I want to be proud of the actions we took to mitigate community spread. I do not want to be at blame for the rise in numbers of deaths from this virus. 

As young people, we must do better. Please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and White House Coronavirus Task Force guidelines, practice good hygiene and use social distancing. 

Let’s do our part.

With appreciation, 

Ally Sargus

Managing editor