Letter from the Editor DON"T USE THIS ONE

Welcome to the new and improved Daily Nebraskan.

For those who are new here, some background: Last year, under editor-in-chief Jacy Marmaduke, the DN cut production of the print editions down to twice a week, and focused more of our energy on our online product. The move was a tough one, but in the ever-changing landscape of media as readers adapt the way they get their news, newspapers must adapt with them.

Our online traffic skyrocketed, and the transition went smoother than I think even Jacy thought it would.

One of the main things I wanted to do when named editor-in-chief last spring was to continue the momentum Jacy gave us. The best way, in my mind, was to start by redesigning our website to embrace our change.

The website you see before you now has more links on our homepage, more flexibility to alert students about breaking news, more opportunities to produce and promote our multimedia work, more ways for students to pitch stories to us and interact with the newspaper as a whole, more adaptability to give our special projects innovative designs and overall more news with a cleaner look.

Our print edition will continue to be distributed twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, and will remain a vital part the identity of the DN. As a staff, we’re already coming up with ideas for projects that the print edition will carry throughout the year.

Despite our new look, our foundation will not waver. Traditional, hard-hitting journalism mixed with empathetic storytelling is in our blood here at the Daily Nebraskan. It’s why we’ve employed two Pulitzer Prize winners in the past 15 years and have former reporters currently working Washington D.C., Chicago, Seattle, New York and more. And it’s why our new logo, which can be found both on our print editions and on this website, was inspired by our original 1901 logo.

We’ve modernized, but our roots remain deep in traditional journalism.

This new website will serve as a platform for us to do what we love to do most: tell your story. In videos, in podcasts, in photos, in 2,000 word stories, in 300 word short stories, in print and online.

So welcome.

Chris Heady