Hannah DePriest

Dear reader,

If you’re like me, or pretty much any college student, you’re probably reaching that time of year when everything feels like chaos.

Classes are getting more difficult, work is picking up, extracurriculars are taking off and socializing is becoming more difficult. It’s incredibly easy to fall into a routine of not getting enough sleep, having no spare time, running from one obligation to the next and constantly feeling exhausted or a few steps behind where you need to be.

As students, we’ve been used to this lifestyle for a few years and don’t really know what it feels like not to be overwhelmed most of the time. My planner is far too full of to-do lists and reminders. I say “yes” far too often. I sign up for events, take extra shifts and take the professor up on that extra credit opportunity. Then with any extra time, I surround myself with my friends to catch up and socialize. I don’t want to waste a single second, and I want to have as much fun as time allows before my next obligation.

But do we ever stop? Do we ever pause? Do we ever take a minute to look around us and see all the great things in our life?

It’s far too easy to be in a constant state of movement and never slow our pace. But it’s important to slow down every once in a while and look around. 

Work might feel like a burden. We might dread the stress and hardships that accompany it. But without them, our college experience would be unfulfilling.

Lately, I’ve been taking time to appreciate the things that make me busy. How lucky am I that I get to stress about that test next Thursday? Or that I have to work on that semester group project? It’s an opportunity that not everyone gets and sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that.

Some of my biggest stressors come from my involvement in things outside of school. For me, it’s both my work here at The Daily Nebraskan and an organization called Camp Kesem that keep me busy constantly. Although they take up a lot of my time and energy each week, I am incredibly grateful for the challenges and opportunities that have come with them.

This same principle applies to socializing. For all the time friendships take, friends are people that mean a lot to me. Odds are, I won’t be able to spend Saturday nights dancing my worries away once college is over, so I want to cherish those nights while I can. Whether it’s my roommate I met as a freshman or some of my closest friends I made just last year, these people are incredibly important to me and have helped shape my college experience. I have to remind myself to really appreciate them and the time I have with them.

Being a senior has made me think hard about this. It has made me stop more often than I used to and take it all in. I want to be sure I pause for a minute or two, look around, and be grateful for each and every hour spent working on what I love. From Sunday morning trips to the farmers market with my roommates to every second in between.

Although my schedule is packed full, my to-do list seems endless and I have three exams this week, I will take a minute to appreciate the opportunities I am given and experiences I get to have in college.

This is one busy, full and amazing life we get to live; let’s be grateful for it.


Hannah DePriest

Assistant Photo Editor