Holly Rooney (copy)

Dear reader,

College is famously known as a time to find yourself and discover new things you like and things you don’t like. As a senior, it’s been fun to look back at where I started and see how much I’ve grown and changed as a person. Some of that change has involved taking unpopular stances on various topics. It’s not always easy going against the norm. It has sparked many late-night heated debates and put friendships in rocky places. Nonetheless, I’m committed to being controversial yet brave through this letter. Here are my top 10 unpopular opinions: 

1. Cilantro sucks. It’s gross and ruins the meal.

This is the hill I will die on. Yes, I am one of those people that tastes soap, which is unfortunate because I love Mexican food, but any hint of it and I’m not finishing the meal. I don’t care if it makes the presentation better, its flavor is too powerful.

2. “Hamilton” is awful and I hate it. 

I gave “Hamilton” an honest chance. I really did. I was excited to watch it after hearing everyone hype it up, but I got eight minutes in and couldn’t do it anymore. It’s basically three hours of weird sing-rapping and that just seems like the worst way to deliver the story. I couldn’t pay attention to what they were saying and I was expecting it to be on a movie set, not a recording of a stage. I attempted to watch it a second time and got 20 minutes in but still couldn’t endure that. I’m sorry, Hamilton fans.

3. Campus squirrels are demons.

Campus squirrels are cute from afar but they are way too comfortable around humans. They’re jumpy and unpredictable, and they make me nervous. I don’t know why they are always so close to me on the sidewalks. They can probably smell the fear.

4. Country music is good.

And I know some of you don’t hate it as much as you preach. It’s all trash talk until a country song trends on TikTok then you’re suddenly on board, dancing your hearts out. Take Josh Turner’s “Would You Go With Me” for example. Somehow, TikTok got a hold of it and there was a mass epiphany that this song was awesome, and it went viral. Hate to burst your bubbles, but that song has been rocking since 2006 — it was not discovered on TikTok.

5. Those frosted cookies from the grocery store are bad. 

I have never understood the hype around this one. People say it was the best treat to bring into school or have at birthday parties but the texture of the cookie is dry and the frosting is waxy. Plus, it’s too sweet all together. They don’t have anything on Eileen’s Cookies.

6. Rodents are cute - except rats. 

Rodents do not get enough credit. Faces? Cute. Little feet? Cute. Tiny ears? Cute. Guinea pigs are a personal favorite but gerbils and chinchillas are also awesome. Rats are excluded from this because their giant tails freak me out. The campus squirrels are also excluded for their jumpiness.

7. Husker Heroes is kind of trash.

These sandwiches are absolutely overrated. I’m not sure if I ate them too many times freshman year, but the ingredients just don’t seem good. Every combination I’ve tried just doesn’t do it for me. More points off if you get it toasted. Hot sandwiches are also bad.

8. The Brass Rail is not fun.

Imagine this, you get all dressed up to go out with your friends. You get to The Brass Rail and you have to pay a $5 cover charge, which is kind of hefty in my book. Then you get in and it’s either a ghost town or jam packed. For some reason, there’s fake smoke everywhere and a weird mash-up of rap, EDM and 80s music playing. Plus, my debit card never works here. 2/10.

9. Blue Christmas lights are terrible.

Simply not pleasing to look at. They give me a headache.

10. Busch Light is nasty.

Busch Light tastes watery. Plus, I see a lot of Iowans drinking it so I’ll leave it at that. Team Bud Light.

Love them or hate them, at the end of the day, these are just my personal opinions. We’re not all going to like the same stuff, and it’s okay to go against the norm now and then. What would we do without the lively debate of if pineapple belongs on pizza? (It does not.) But if you take anything away from this letter, let it be this: Stop putting cilantro on everything. 

Somewhere stirring the pot,

Holly Rooney

Holly Rooney is a senior engagement editor and advertising and public relations major. Reach her at hollyrooney@dailynebraskan.com.