NSE2018 Jessica Larkins

Dear reader,

Saturday night was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

I, like the rest of Husker nation, had been waiting for months for the start of college football.

I’ve been to a lot of Husker football games, but I’ve never witnessed such an electric atmosphere at Memorial Stadium.

A new era of Husker football was finally beginning.

You could practically feel the anticipation in the air.

And then, right after kickoff, all the players rushed off the field.

I felt a sense of dread as I watched both teams head to the locker rooms. I had already been sitting in the stadium for almost two hours before the game started. I decided I could wait another 30 minutes for the lightning delay.

But, then they evacuated the cheerleaders. Then the band. There were no signs suggesting that the game would be played that night.

I kept checking the radar on my phone every five minutes, as if I could will the ominous ribbon of red and orange that was heading straight for Lincoln to somehow miss us.

But, at no point in the night did I seriously consider leaving. Most people around me felt the same way.

Even though I was soaked, and it was probably a little dangerous to be out in a lightning storm, I had the time of my life.

I think everyone knew deep down that the game wasn’t going to be played Saturday night. But, nobody seemed to care. We danced and sang and laughed as it rained more and more.  

Strange is the best way I can describe that night. I bought a Runza from Sen. Ben Sasse. I cheered as a shirtless guy ran onto the field, and I got way too excited when it started raining even harder.

When we were finally evacuated two hours later, I was disappointed, but not sad. It was so exciting to see an energized fan base that will support the Huskers, rain or shine.

When I graduate this May, the Akron almost-game will stand out as one of my favorite memories from college. The biggest downside is that I don’t think I can make it one more week without Husker football.

It might rain next Saturday, too, but don’t wish the rain away.

Just hope it doesn’t lightning.


Jessica Larkins