Holly Rooney

Dear reader, 

This past weekend, I, like many others, celebrated moms, grandmothers, aunts, stepmoms, sisters, and more for Mother’s Day. While I loved spending a little extra time with the women who have guided me and done so much to help get me where I am, there’s another group of mother figures I want to give a shoutout to: the mom friends. 

In every group, one friend is destined to emerge as the mom friend. It’s inevitable. These friends are the caretakers, the responsible ones and are often necessary to keep the group on the rails of sanity, peaceful relations and good choices. 

Mom friends are under appreciated and usually taken for granted. No, they didn’t birth us or raise us through childhood but they sure love us, put up with the same nonsense and help us through our baggage with a smile on their face. For that, they deserve the same recognition. 

So, if you don’t know what a mom friend does or who is the mother of your group, maybe this letter will help.

Mom friends are the best holders. They’ll hold your keys when you go out so you don’t lose them, they’ll hold your hair back when you’re throwing up and they’ll hold your hand when life’s throwing you one curveball after another.  

These friends are the most responsible of the bunch. They’re the ones that sit up front and talk to the Uber driver while the overgrown children scream to Britney Spears in the back. They round up the wanderers at bars and track your location until you text that you’re home safe. 

Like the best Girl Scouts, they’re always prepared as well. Need Tylenol? They’ve got it. A hair tie? Yep, got that too. Maybe a charger? Lip balm? Makeup wipe? Check, check and check. 

Mom friends are reminders. They’ll remind you to drink water, take your vitamins, eat and more. They’ll remind you how beautiful and loved you are and they might even remind you when you have important stuff coming up — I swear, it feels like my roommate knows my schedule better than I do sometimes.

Mom friends can give some of the best advice too. They’re always level-headed, realistic, and practical. They’ll call you on your crap first, but they’ll stand by you and offer you endless support to solve your problems. 

It may be easy to think we could all go on just fine without a mom friend, but who else is going to make you food after a night out or Venmo you $5 for ice cream when you’re having a bad day? I think we all need a little extra looking out when we’re away from our real moms at college and I’m so grateful to have a friend that has done all this and more for me. 

Unfortunately, I’m not the mom friend of my group. However, I’m more of an alternate that I’ll call the “stepmom friend.” These are the friends who are usually on the bench but can step up to the plate when there’s a call to the bullpen. These friends deserve some extra love too. 

So reader, remember to call your real moms, send your grandmother flowers and hug your mom friends a little tighter every now and then. They need appreciation too.

With all the gratitude from a non-mom friend,

Holly Rooney

Senior engagement editor