April Mag Cover Photo

Dear readers,

Remember when you used to be scared to pick up a magazine? Look at you now: vaccinated (maybe, hopefully), gaining confidence and ready to get on with your life.

But before we move forward, it’s important to recognize what the past year has taught us.

This last year was frustrating for students, to say the least. We couldn’t attend Husker football games, mosh to live music or even sit down next to new people in class. 

In that time, however, we had tremendous potential for growth. We learned to rejoice in the small things and never take our loved ones for granted. We learned that when times are tough, you should be gentle with yourself. And, hopefully, we learned that it is okay to not always be okay.

The Daily Nebraskan staff definitely learned some things. Operating a newsroom during a pandemic is no small feat. But with your help, we did it, and we are proud to look back on the last nine months.

This month, The DN hopes to reflect on all of the good, bad and germy the pandemic has brought.

In this issue, we dive into UNL’s transition to remote learning and spotlight students who are studying remotely, from Omaha to Russia to one of our own editors in Maryland.

We talk a lot about mental health; the ways the pandemic has impacted our well-being and what insight we can gain from the experiences we have had, as well as some expert advice. 

We revisit our fall sports preview to discuss the varying triumphs and turmoils that came out of this year’s sports seasons — after many changes to the plan.

As the 2020-21 academic year quickly comes to a close, we hope reflecting on your last year at UNL will give you a reason to be proud of yourself, too.

We appreciated the days of long walks through the neighborhood, “Tiger King” binges and whipped coffee trends. Now, let’s look back and move forward.

See you soon,

The DN staff