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Student newspapers must perpetually grapple with a world in flux. Not only do reporters and editors graduate, but papers must face declining advertising revenue, the rise of digital media and the constant ebb and flow of the news cycle.

The Daily Nebraskan is no different. Like most news outlets, we’ve witnessed our revenue decline sharply and consistently in recent years. In 2017, we made the substantial leap from publishing a newspaper to a monthly magazine, The DN. We’ve also explored reaching our readers through our new culture, news and sports podcasts.

In spite of these changes, The Daily Nebraskan has stood firm in our independence from UNL’s direction, our pursuit of truth and our commitment to bringing the day’s news to the student body.

Even while working long hours and for less than minimum wage, we as editors refuse to budge on our core values. We’ve held these principles for over a century and have no intention of ever deviating from them.

Unfortunately for many college campuses across the United States, this journalistic integrity has come under threat. Papers directly affiliated with their universities have faced pressure to avoid reporting on sensitive stories, and at times have suffered stiff consequences for pursuing the truth. Just last year, two editors of Liberty University’s The Champion were fired for allegedly not presenting a positive enough image of the college. The University of North Alabama’s The Flor-Ala’s adviser was removed by the university in a move that was condemned as “retaliation for Constitutionally protected student speech” by the College Media Association.

Although we oftentimes take our journalistic liberty for granted at UNL, we’ve nonetheless remained vigilant over the years to maintain our independence.

In light of this, The Daily Nebraskan joins with other student newspapers across the country today in support of the Student Press Law Center’s Student Press Freedom Day.

We hope you join us in the effort to protect the student press in all its forms.

This year, The Daily Nebraskan has reported on the lasting legacy of Cornhusker Marching Band member Tyler Butterfield, the bond between a Husker football player and his fiancee, UNL’s transition to a new student advocate for sexual assault survivors and changes at the University Health Center. As always, we’ve kept ASUN accountable to you through our coverage of their weekly meetings.

Although we strive every day to bring you the highest-quality news possible, our efforts are for naught without you, the reader.

In this era of change, we humbly ask for your continued support. Tweet your support for SPLC’s campaign using #StudentPressFreedom. For more information on the campaign, please visit SPLC’s website. If you wish to donate directly to The Daily Nebraskan, click here.

The Daily Nebraskan has been the only independent voice of the student body for over a century. So long as there’s UNL news to report, with your help we hope to continue our mission well into the next hundred years.