#SaveStudentNewsrooms is a nationwide movement to encourage people to donate to student newsrooms that need you.

Dear readers,

We are speechless.

And as a group of student journalists, we can tell you that doesn’t happen often.

Today, we learned Warren Buffett generously donated $100,000 to The Daily Nebraskan Editorial Support Fund, which helps pay editorial wages.

When we started our #SaveStudentNewsrooms campaign back in April, we set a goal to raise money to continue to train the next generation of professional journalists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We're now one step closer to that goal.

We don’t think each donor realizes how much each donation means to the newsroom. Whether it’s $1 or $100,000, each donation is a declaration that the work we do matters.

As any journalist can attest, it hasn’t been the easiest couple of years for the industry. College publications aren’t immune to the struggles that newsrooms across the country have been facing.

Like many newsrooms, we haven’t made a profit in years. Our editors work more than 50 hours a week for less than $3 an hour.

But we love what we do, and we wouldn't trade those hours in for anything.

This donation, and every donation we have received so far, means more than you could possibly know. By donating, you ensure future editors and reporters will have the same opportunities we do.

Your donations have renergized an entire newsroom and rededicated us to our mission as the independent voice of UNL.

From our home in the basement of the Nebraska Union, we thank you.

Please continue to support and save student newsrooms. Visit for more information about the movement. To donate to The Daily Nebraskan, click here.