Closing restaurants

Many restaurants have permanently closed in downtown Lincoln over the past year, but there are still plenty of great spots to try if your old go-tos are gone. Even if you never went to the chains before their Lincoln locations shut down, these three Lincoln-based favorites should be able to satisfy a wide range of tastes. 

CLOSED: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop


The Texas-based taco shop chain closed its downtown Lincoln location on Oct. 24, much to the dismay of Fuzzy’s fans. 

However, there are several other spots around Lincoln to get your fix of tacos if you’re looking for something a step above Taco Bell. 

The first D’Leon’s opened in Lincoln in 2003 and there are now six D’Leon’s locations across town, including some drive-thrus and some sit down restaurants.

D’Leon’s has an extensive menu of nearly every Mexican street food imaginable, from tacos to quesadillas to tortas and even Flaming Hot Cheetos Fries. There are over 100 menu items, though the Adobada Burrito, which contains marinated pork, pico sauce, guacamole, cabbage and lime, is my suggestion. It comes in at just under $8 and packs in far more flavor than a similarly priced Chipotle burrito ever could.

Don’t forget to try their aguas frescas either. Their jamaica – hibiscus – drink does not disappoint. 

Still craving Fuzzy’s? You’ll have to drive to the Village Pointe Shopping Center near 168th and Dodge in West Omaha to get your fix. 

CLOSED: BurgerFi 

YOUR NEW SPOT: Honest Abe’s

BurgerFi closed permanently in late March, so fans of the Florida-based chain will now have to plan a road trip to Leawood, Kansas if they want one of their branded logo burgers.

Thankfully, Lincolnites do not have to drive that far to find a great burger. In fact, the Greatest Burger Ever can still be found at four locations right here in the Star City.

The Greatest Burger Ever is the name of the signature creation at Honest Abe’s, a place that specializes in burgers and freedom.

While Honest Abe’s makes a pretty big claim in naming that menu item, they do have the taste to back it up. Their burger made TripAdvisor’s list of top 10 burgers in America, coming in at number three. 

The Greatest Burger Ever includes bacon, onions, American cheese, ketchup, lettuce and Honest Abe’s “awesome sauce.”

The burger joint also serves up several other more exotic burgers on their rotating menu.

Currently, you can try the Dazed and Cornfused burger, complete with roasted corn and cilantro sour cream, cotija cheese, cinnamon-sugar tortilla strips and chili-lime mayo. If that’s not your thing, there’s the Wok This Way burger, which includes fried rice, rangoon cream cheese, teriyaki sauce and a fresh veggie mix. 

Whether you prefer traditional or exotic condiments, Honest Abe’s has you covered. Make sure to add traditional freedom fries or parmesan truffle fries to your order as well. You won’t regret it.

CLOSED: Old Chicago

YOUR NEW SPOT: Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill

The Old Chicago location in the Haymarket may have closed in March 2020, but a strong alternative lies only one block west of its former location.

Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill opened at 7th and P Streets in 1991 as Nebraska’s first brew-pub and they have been cooking up comfort food with a creative flair ever since. 

The Rainbow Chicken is one of Lazlo’s signature dishes, and though it cannot claim all of Roy G. Biv, it does include a delectable combination of melted monterey jack cheese, shredded cheddar, green onions and tomatoes that smother a hickory-grilled chicken breast. 

If you’re craving something else you’re in luck, because their menu includes a wide variety of other options from steaks to seafood to salads. If you have room for their signature dessert, the Chocolate Excess, it is well worth the extra cost and calories to savor a triple fudge brownie served with walnuts, extra chocolate shards and French Vanilla ice cream.

If you’re still craving Old Chicago, you can visit their south Lincoln location in SouthPointe Pavilions. 

Brian Beach is a sophomore journalism major. Reach him at