It’s commonly thought of as the last resort for people who can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to relationships. Users of online dating services are often ridiculed by even their closest of friends. and eHarmony are used as the punch lines for “forever alone” jokes.

MTV’s new show “Catfish” documents the lying and deceitfulness that is associated with online dating. Episodes show peoples’ reactions as they meet those who they think they’ve fallen in love with on the Internet. In the eyes of many, searching for a relationship online and crazy stalkers go hand in hand.

Despite online dating’s stigma, it’s still worth a shot. Online dating is more efficient than traditional dating because it saves time and doesn’t cost any more than traditional dating. Online dating also makes finding a compatible match easier and leaves less room for humiliation.

Face it, traditional dating is a hassle. Finding a suitable partner is basically a numbers game. You have to engage multiple people in conversation in order to weed out who you’re interested in. Not only is traditional dating time consuming, it’s exhausting. Can you imagine trying to keep interesting conversation flowing with multiple people each night you go out?

Internet dating is basically traditional dating from the comfort of your home. You can talk to multiple people at one time. You could even have a cliche message saved to send to people who interest you in order to make online dating even more efficient. In less than an hour you could know several people’s names, interests and background.

People who oppose Internet dating think it is a waste of money. However, dating online costs the same amount of money, if not less, as traditional dating. While there are some free dating chat rooms and websites, usually there is some sort of monthly fee. Internet dating sites can cost anywhere from $35 to $50 a month. It seems a little impractical at first to spend money trying to find a date on the Internet, but you would be spending the same amount of money if you chose to date traditionally.

Sure, you can meet people at work and school, but you really can’t get to know a person in these settings. With traditional dating, you generally take a person out to eat, for a cup of coffee or a drink downtown. This helps let the person know that you are interested in being more than just co-workers or friends. It also allows you to get to know the person better. According to, 51 percent of men in the United States spend more than $100 a month on dates and 29 percent spend more than $150.

With online dating, you don’t have to take a person out on multiple dates to get to know them. All you have to do is exchange a few messages, phone calls and video chats. It will be clear in due time whether you are compatible with each other.

In order to make finding a compatible match faster and easier, there are now online dating sites which focus on certain qualities and characteristics in people. For example, is an online dating site for marriage-minded Christians. Another example is, a dating site for lonely farmers. has the motto, “Why toke alone?” and is a dating site for smoker-friendly singles. Whatever your interest or passion is, there is probably a dating site out there for you. Using these sites is like going to a bar where everyone there is already tailored to your interests.

Nobody enjoys rejection, especially when it is brought on by someone you find attractive – it’s embarrassing and humiliating. Speeches about how you can still be friends add more insult to injury. Nobody enjoys rejecting people, either. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. Online dating allows you to distance yourself from these things. You can stop reading after the first sentence when he or she decides you are no longer the right person for them. You don’t have to see the sad expression on the face of the person you just rejected. Online dating makes rejection and break-ups less humiliating and easier to overcome. Before you even consider signing up for an online dating site, you should be aware there are frauds who frequent them. These people may use fake pictures in order to attract other online dating site users. They may significantly lie about the size of their salary or waistline. In order to prevent falling in love with a fraud, it is necessary to schedule a first date right away. Likewise, it’s important to be 100 percent honest when making a profile. You want to find someone who likes you and not the fake persona you have fabricated.

According to, Internet dating is successful and there are more than 10 million American couples to prove it. A survey done by Reuben J. Thomas, an assistant professor of sociology at CUNY City College, states that roughly 23 percent of couples who met from 2007 to 2009 met online.

Online dating is becoming more and more socially acceptable and for good reasons. Online dating is more efficient than traditional dating because it saves time and money, makes finding a compatible match easier and leaves less room for humiliation. We live in a crazy, fast-paced world. There is no need to be embarrassed for choosing the convenient and efficient route when trying to find love.

JoVanna Balquier is a freshman English major. Reach her at

You never hear anything good about online dating.

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Great article and I can only agree with the views expressed here because I met my soul mate on an online dating site for dog lovers -!

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