This story is part of a Daily Nebraskan New Student Enrollment special edition. 

Every student deserves the opportunity to forge his or her own path. At some point, every freshman will explore different majors and get involved.

But some things are best learned from the experienced. The Daily Nebraskan pooled together a variety of advice from UNL students. We asked them: What is the most valuable lesson college has taught you?

Jack Borden

“Probably time management. If you don’t manage your time, everything is going to slow up on you, and you’re going to be overwhelmed. You have your classes, and you have to set a certain amount of time to study and to do your homework. You have to balance your social life and your sleep within your schedule because, if you don’t, you’re going to be miserable.”

Jack Borden, sophomore finance major

Celeste Lewis

“Don’t screw around. I’ve messed up this semester. It’s my first semester, and I’m not doing well in most of my classes, and I’m going to have to retake them. So get your stuff done.”

Celeste Lewis, freshman computer science major

Hannah Sieckmann

“Time management. In high school, I never had to study or worry about stuff. College classes are obviously a bit more advanced, so just kind of managing and getting ahead in classes to get the grades that I want and still having time for friends.”

Hannah Sieckmann, freshman nutrition science and pre-med major

Priscilla White

“It’s really helpful if you visit (your) professor once a week or every other week. Just hang out in the office for a bit and get to know them. They get to know you, and you get to use them as references and they write you letters. It’s really helpful when you’re good friends with your professor.”

Priscilla White, junior international business major

Justin Mescher

“I’d probably have to say planning and stuff like that. I feel like a lot of people, especially if you’re smart, lose a lot of necessary points in grades and school because they don’t plan things out. So it’s all about organizing everything.”

Justin Mescher, sophomore mechanical engineer major

Russell Morgan

“People will take you (as) seriously as you take yourself. The more work you put in, the more opportunities you’ll get. (The) more involved you get, the more connections you’ll make. You have to take yourself seriously and put yourself out there.”

Russell Morgan, senior economics major

Eddie Watson

“How to ask the right questions, knowing what questions to ask and asking anyone who’s wearing a UNL outfit of any kind.”

Eddie Watson, junior women’s and gender studies major