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Luna Stephens: Hello and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s weekly news podcast. Here we take you through our top three stories of the week in case you missed them. My name is Luna Stephens, assistant news editor, and this is Your Week on Campus.

First, we have news reporter David Bartle here to tell us about the new Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts. So David, tell me, what is the new center about?

David Bartle: Well, two weeks ago the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts opened its doors after more than a year of renovation construction. It’s located in the old UNL bookstore, and the program was created through a multi-million dollar gift from the Johnny Carson Foundation to the university. The center holds a new program which offers a new major and a new degree to help prepare future media professionals by teaching them unique, innovative media techniques and technologies and the program’s goal is to prepare students for careers like filmmaking, innovation or even creating or designing amusement parks. 

Stephens: Cool, so who did you talk to about the center?

Bartle: Firstly, I spoke with director of facilities and construction Brooke Hay for just general construction information, I actually emailed her, and secondly, I talked to the founding director of the center which is Megan Elliott, she was hired by the university two years ago to help create the program and she’s originally from Australia. 

Stephens: Cool. Okay, so what should we take away from this story?

Bartle: I guess the key takeaway from the story is that the Hixson-Lied college of performing and fine arts has this new, unique, innovative program with very ambitious goals and connections to famous, successful people in various media industries like filmmaking or animation or experiential theater and it’ll be interesting to see how they accomplish and achieve these ambitious goals.

Stephens: Now we have news reporter Hanna Christensen here to answer the Curious Cornhusker question. Hanna, why did they switch up the dessert section at Cather Dining Center?

Hanna Christensen: So, we got a new director of dining named Dave Annis and he wanted to really provide a wow factor when you walk into Cather, so he wanted to add that glass case and a lot more dessert options. Also, he liked the idea of people being served instead of having to get their own food and that way the staff can talk with the students as well and make it more personal for them. 

Stephens: Awesome, thanks Hanna. 

Lastly, we have assistant news editor Grace Gorenflo here to tell us about the legacy professor Michael Combs left on campus. 

Grace Gorenflo: Michael Combs, who died Aug. 29, was a longtime political science professor, a minister and a mentor to many on campus. Kevin Smith, who worked with Combs in the political science department for 25 years, said he was a larger than life personality and someone who always had his door open. Senior Temi Onayemi looked up to Combs, as did many of his friends. He said Combs challenged him to be the change he wanted to see. 

Stephens: Thank you Grace, he will be missed.

Alright, thank you everyone for tuning in to this week’s podcast. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in next time and enjoy Your Week on Campus.