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Grace Gorenflo: Hello and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s weekly news podcast. Here we take you through our top three stories of the week in case you missed them. My name is Grace Gorenflo, assistant news editor, and this is Your Week on Campus.

First, we have Faith Idachaba here to tell us about the new parallel parking in front of the Nebraska Union. So Faith, can you summarize this story for me and tell me why we have parallel parking?

Faith Idachaba: Yeah, for sure. So, over the summer, the university changed the parking in front of the union from normal parking to parallel parking. They did this for a multitude of reasons, one of the reasons being that they simply wanted to extend the bike lanes. but also this was part of a bigger project, a streetscape project, that the university collaborated with the City of Lincoln on to basically make the roads safer. So essentially, included in that was the bike lanes, but also changing the parking in front from normal to parallel.

Gorenflo: Awesome. So who did you speak with for this story?

Idachaba: For this story, I spoke with Wayne Mixdorf store who is the City of Lincoln's parking manager. And then I also spoke with Emily Casper, who is UNL’s campus landscape architect and also she is the interim campus planner.

Gorenflo: Awesome. And lastly, what should my big takeaway be as a reader

Idachaba: The university is dedicated to making sure that students here are also safe, and that the campus is attractive, and especially important in terms of prospective students, which is something that Emily Casper went into. And also in terms of just like recruitment tours, like university campus tours for prospective students, they just really want prospective students to see that the university does care a lot about what goes into the university and also about them individually.

Gorenflo: Great. Thank you, Faith. 

Idachaba: Yeah, thank you.

Gorenflo: Now we have Hanna Christensen here to tell us about the new outdoor Fitness Court by Knoll Residential Center. So Hanna, can you summarize your story for me and tell me how this Fitness Court came about?

Christensen: Yeah, so the new Fitness Court is, like you said, across from Knoll, it’s on the corner of 17th and R. And it was built when the National Fitness Campaign partnered up with Campus Rec, and they just decided that we needed more space to work out. Right now we mostly just have the campus rec center, and that can get kind of crowded, so we wanted to add a new place. It's free, it's fun, you can do different things there. And they just wanted to add something new for us.

Gorenflo: Awesome. So who did you talk to for the story, and how did their expertise add to the story?

Christensen: So Amy Lanham is the Campus Recreation person that I talked to and she talked to me about why we're adding this, how it got started. And then Jonathan Binnie is the person from the National Fitness Campaign who was there and he was actually leading an event for its launch. And he was showing kids new workouts they can do, he showed us fast workouts, full body workouts, just different ways we can use the fitness center.

Gorenflo: Awesome. And lastly, as a reader, what should the big takeaway be from this story?

Christensen: You should just really remember that it's there and available to use. So, there's an app you can get called the Fitness Court, and it will show you a lot of different workouts that you can do at the Fitness Court if you're not sure how you want to use it. It's free, it's open anytime you want to go out there, so just don't forget that it's available.

Gorenflo: Great. Thank you so much, Hannah.

Christensen: Thank you.

Gorenflo: Lastly we have reporter David Bartle here to tell us about his story about the University of Nebraska’s search for their next president. First, David, can you summarize your story for me and tell me about the search?

Bartle: Yeah, Grace. Following Hank Bounds’s resignation last August, the University of Nebraska system was tasked with finding a new long-term president. And the Board of Regents created a presidential search committee. So Libby and I were curious, Who's on this committee? Why were they chosen? What is this committee looking for in an applicant for the presidential position? And how the processes go. The committee is made up of 23 members who were chosen from a list of 200 publicly nominated individuals. So we were curious, Who are these people? Why do they get to decide what the university is looking for in a president? So Libby and I mostly wrote about that.

Gorenflo: Awesome. So can you tell me who your main sources were and how their expertise added to your story?

Bartle: Yeah, well, Libby contacted Board of Regents member and committee Jim Pillen and Board of Regents chairman Tim Clare for their official knowledge on the committee, how the committee was formed, what they're looking for in that process.

Gorenflo: Great.

Bartle: Thank you so much.

Gorenflo: Thank you, David.

Alright, thank you everyone for tuning in to this week’s podcast. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in next time and enjoy Your Week on Campus.