Weekly crime art

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln student was seen dragging a construction sign at 16 & Vine streets on March 12, according to Sgt. Nolan Conradt of the UNL Police Department.

The student was cited and released for theft after taking the sign from a nearby construction site, according to Conradt.

From March 7-13, the most frequently reported crime was disturbance of the “other” category, not including domestic or wild party, with four reports. Possession of narcotics followed with three reports. Driving while intoxicated incidents, outside police service of the “other” category and trespassing followed with two reports each.

UNL housing staff members from University Suites brought a suspicious package to UNLPD that they found when they were delivering mail on March 10, according to Conradt.

The package was found to contain narcotics and it was properly disposed of, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log. No arrests were made, according to Conradt.

On March 10, a student reported some potential harassment over social media between students at Phi Mu, according to Conradt, and this case is still open.

An anonymous person reported on March 10 about an on-going weapons violation at the Nebraska Union, according to Conradt. Conradt said UNLPD officers were not able to confirm the weapons violation.

On March 13, a report was made about a UNL mask policy violation at Theta Xi, according to the crime log, and the case is now closed.

On March 11, a UNL staff member reported some personal information had been used in order to collect unemployment benefits, according to the crime log, and no monetary loss was sustained. Conradt said the Internal Revenue Service is dealing with the case currently.

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A UNL student reported a belated theft from their vehicle on March 13 at Schramm Hall, according to the crime log. Conradt said a small amount of change, around $2, was stolen from the student’s vehicle. This case is still open, according to the crime log.