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On Friday, students received an alert of a possible armed subject around the area of 22nd and W Streets. Later on, students received another alert that the subject was seen leaving the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus riding a bike, wearing a beanie and beige jacket and carrying a blue stuffed animal. 

A UNL student reported a possible weapons violation on campus on Sept. 11, according to the UNL Police Department’s Daily Crime & Fire log. Sgt. Margot Nason said this was what the alert was about. 

The case is still open, and UNLPD officers are still looking for that suspect, but UNLPD officers do not think it is an on-going issue, according to Nason.

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From Sept. 6-12, stolen bikes were the most frequently reported crime with six reports. Possession of narcotics followed with four reports. Not reportable hit and run accidents, disturbance of the category “other” and larceny from a motor vehicle followed with three reports.

Two non-affiliate males were verbally harassing a female UNL student at Eastside Suites on Sept. 8, according to Nason.

Nason said the two made weird statements to the student, such as accusing her of drinking and being in possession of narcotics.

“It was just odd because they were saying some things to try and intimidate her and saying they knew people that could get her expelled,” Nason said.

On Sept. 11, a female student accepted a friend request on Facebook from someone she thought she knew, but she actually did not, according to Nason.

The student was receiving unwanted messages from the individual on Facebook messenger, according to Nason. Nason said the student felt like the individual was confused because they were trying to get her to call them and said ‘love you.’

On Sept. 6, a 21-year-old male UNL student was contacted by UNLPD officers because he was knocking over construction cones, according to Nason.

The student had a .207 BAC and was transported to the Bridge for safe detoxification, according to Nason.

A UNL staff member reported to UNLPD on Sept. 7 that a non-affiliate male was dumpster diving in search of scrap metal to be stripped, according to the crime log.

Nason said the non-affiliate has been dumpster diving and taking things out of dumpsters for a while, and UNLPD officers have warned him several times not to do so.

The non-affiliate will be banned and barred when UNLPD officers contact him next time, according to Nason.

On Sept. 10, at 615 N 19th St., two students reported their vehicle windows broken and property inside stolen, according to Nason.

At the 1220 N 14th St. parking lot on Sept. 11, a UNLPD officer noticed a vehicle’s window had been broken into, and the owner of the vehicle reported property within the vehicle stolen, according to Nason. 

Nason said UNLPD officers can not determine at this point if all three incidents are connected until they identify a suspect on camera.