Weekly crime art
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On Sept. 29, there were two vandalism incidents at the parking lot on 1830 Vine Street, according to Sgt. Margot Nason. Nason said a UNL student reported their vehicle was keyed.

A UNLPD officer noticed damage to another parked vehicle while he was working on the first incident, according to Nason. This vehicle had side mirror damage and a dent with a footprint near the rear driver’s side panel, indicating someone kicked it, according to Nason.

Nason said UNLPD officers are still working on these cases.

From Sept. 27-Oct. 3, minor in possession of alcohol was the most frequently reported incident with three reports. Vandalism of the “other” category, not including graffiti or drive-by shooting, outside police service of the “other” category, narcotics of the “other” category and possession of narcotics followed with two reports each.

A UNL student reported an online threat made to them while they were gaming on Sept. 27 at Delta Upsilon, according to the UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log

Nason said the student was on Xbox Live when an unknown person made a threat of physical injury towards the student. Nason said UNLPD officers are still working on this case.

At the Westbrook Music Building on Sept. 28, a wall heater malfunctioned, which set off the fire alarm, but no active fire occurred, according to the crime log. Some of the buildings now have their heaters turned on, so the dust and cobwebs on them from the summer can cause them to malfunction, according to Nason. 

On Sept. 30, a UNL student reported a loss of $1750 after receiving a fraudulent email, according to the crime log.

Nason said the UNL student clicked on a phishing email while trying to sell a laptop, and the individual who was going to buy it scammed the student. The case is still open, according to the crime log.

A UNL student reported a disturbance involving three UNL students at Harper Hall on Oct. 2, according to the crime log.

Nason said a couple broke up, and there was an argument over a new person who was involved with one of them and cheating allegations. Nason said all parties were separated and there was nothing criminal about the situation, so no charges were pressed.

On Sept. 28, at Willa S. Cather Dining Complex, a UNL staff member reported a traffic bollard, or a short vertical post, was stolen, according to the crime log.

Nason said it was related to a different case where other traffic bollards were stolen, and the individual responsible was caught and released for theft.