Crime Sig (2020)

Between Sept. 12-18, the most frequently reported crime to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department was stolen bikes and disturbances, not including domestic disturbances or wild parties, with five reports each, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire log.

There were four reports of lost or stolen items. Not reportable hit and run accidents and medical emergencies followed with three and two reports, respectively.

A UNL staff member reported graffiti on an electrical box at the on-campus parking lot at 615 N 19th St., on Sept. 13, according to the crime log. The graffiti appeared to be done with silver spray paint and said “Fuck FIJI,” UNLPD Officer Mike Dailey said. This is in reference to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity and subsequent protests against an alleged sexual assault

Due to a lack of camera footage that would be used to identify any suspects, the case is closed, Dailey said.

A non-affiliate male was observed looking at bike racks by The Village by security officers on Sept. 18, Dailey said. UNLPD officers made contact with the individual and after a brief chase, officers found out he was a felon and was carrying a small bag of what they suspected to be methamphetamine, a knife and multiple tools that appeared to be used to cut bike locks or to disassemble bike parts, Dailey said.

The individual was cited and lodged for possession of a controlled substance, possession of burglar’s tools and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, Dailey said. The individual was also cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of a peace officer, criminal trespassing of the second degree and improper bicycle equipment.

A man tried to gain access to a dorm room at Eastsides Suites on Sept. 18 to move property out but the roommates did not allow that person inside the room, Dailey said. The individual was not a former roommate and was there to retrieve items for another person, Dailey said. 

During the struggle, the male individual assaulted one of the occupants and they were cited and released for third degree assault and second degree trespassing, according to Dailey. No medical attention was needed.

A different male individual was in an elevator at Eastside Suites on Sept. 12 and intentionally kicked the elevator door several times, which resulted in $1,025 in damages, Dailey said. The male was cited for criminal mischief and could be fined between $500-$1,500.

Two non-affiliates caused a disturbance at a basketball court at Harper Hall on Sept. 15 after one of the males assaulted the other, according to Dailey. A UNL student contacted UNLPD. Both parties refused medical treatment and to press charges, Dailey said. Both individuals were issued trespass policy letters, Dailey said. 

A University affiliated reported a belated disturbance on Sept. 18 at 300 N 17th St., according to the crime log. An individual wrote multiple disturbing phrases with dirt on the university affilate’s vehicle, Dailey said. Some of the phrases included, “Protect your neck,” “b****,” “69” and “Wu-Tang forever,” according to Dailey. 

The individual claimed it was a prank when contacted by law enforcement. According to Dailey, they were not cited.