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Two larcenies and one vandalism incident occurred at FarmHouse Fraternity on Oct. 8, according to Sgt. Craig Teply of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department.

A UNL student reported a belated vandalism to their vehicle, and a UNLPD officer observed two other vehicles with broken windows. The owners reported that property had also been stolen from their vehicles, according to the UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire log.

Teply said two of the vehicles had one window broken, but the other vehicle had three windows broken. Teply said all three incidents are related, and the cases remain open.

From Oct. 4-10, vandalism of the “other” category, not including graffiti or drive-by shooting, was the most frequently reported incident with six reports. Not reportable hit and run accidents followed with three reports. Medical emergency, larceny from a motor vehicle and trespassing followed with two reports.

A non-affiliate broke a parking garage arm at the 18 and R parking garage on Oct. 9, according to the crime log.

The individual pulled up to a parking garage, and the gate was down. They didn’t have a parking pass, so they got out of the vehicle and broke the parking garage arm off before parking in the garage, according to Teply. Teply said UNLPD cited the individual for criminal mischief.

A UNL student reported a belated sexual assault on Oct. 6 at Smith Hall, according to the crime log. The case is still open, according to Teply.

On Oct. 9 at the Woods Art Building, two fire extinguishers were set off, according to Teply. When UNLPD officers arrived at the building, there was no one on the scene, according to Teply, and UNLPD is still investigating.

On Oct. 6, a UNL affiliate reported receiving threatening text messages from someone they know, according to Teply.

Teply said the messages were vague, not anything direct, but the UNL affiliate was concerned since the messages were irregular. This case is still open, according to Teply.

An oxygen sensor in a lab at the Scott Engineering Center malfunctioned and set off an alarm on Oct. 5, according to the crime log.

There were people working with fiberglass fumes in the lab earlier that day that may have caused the issue with the sensor, but the other sensors were okay, according to Teply.

Teply said everything was okay even though the alarm went off.

On Oct. 6, a UNL student reported they had given their social security number to a scammer, according to Teply.

Teply said the student received a phone call from an individual who was pretending to be from the social security office. No monetary loss has occurred at this time, according to Teply.

Teply said the scam occurred in a different state, so UNLPD officers took the initial report. Teply said the incident would have to be investigated in the other state.

At the University Suites, a belated vandalism was reported on Oct. 10, regarding a broken picture and a damaged air conditioner unit, according to Teply.

Teply said this incident is still being investigated, and UNLPD officers are trying to develop suspects.