Between Oct. 17-23, the most frequently reported crimes to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department were disturbances, not including domestic disturbances or wild parties, vandalism, not including graffiti or drive-by shootings, and alcohol incidents that only apply to the “drunk” category with three reports each, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log.

UNLPD also received two reports each of not reportable hit-and-run accidents, welfare check of a person and stolen bikes.

Three belated sex offenses, two categorized as rape and one categorized as molestation and fondling, were reported to an outside entity, which could be the Title IX office or other entities, but were added to the crime log on Oct. 22. These types of reports can appear on the crime log, but UNLPD usually will not have any other information about the incidents since they were not reported to the department. 

Two belated rape incidents, which occured at undisclosed on-campus student housing buildings, occurred once or multiple times between Aug. 1, 2020, and Feb. 1, 2021, according to the crime log. 

The belated report of molestation and fondling, which also occurred in on-campus student housing, occurred once or on more than one occasion between Sept. 1, 2020, and Feb. 1, 2021, according to the crime log. 

UNLPD Sgt. Margot Nason said the department had no additional information outside of what is available on the crime log.

Nason said a student lit fireworks off at a parking garage at 1801 R St. and damaged a grate on Oct. 22. The student was cited and released for the discharging of illegal fireworks, possession of illegal fireworks, criminal mischief and littering. 

On Oct. 22, some people were playing with a stun gun at Harper Hall, so UNLPD officers were called to respond, Nason said. UNLPD officers had a discussion with them about UNL’s weapons policy and no charges were made.