UNLPD Crime Log Art

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A University of Nebraska-Lincoln student who was reported missing Saturday returned home the following morning, according to Officer Russell Johnson Jr.

“Disturbances” and “not reportable accidents,” including hit and runs, were the most frequent crimes from Nov. 17 to Nov. 23 on campus, with seven reports each. Not reportable accidents are accidents that did not meet certain requirements, such as occurring on a through street or having damages exceeding $1,000.

Disturbances increased from the previous week with three more reports, and not reportable accidents increased by four reports. They were followed by “minor in possession of alcohol,” which had four reports. 

On Saturday, Nov. 23, a UNL student’s parents reported her missing, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Daily Crime & Fire Log and Johnson. He said the student had an interaction with an ex-significant other followed by a period of no contact with her parents. She returned home the next morning with no issues. 

The UNL Police Department received reports of an unknown individual bothering students and asking where J Street was on Sunday, Nov. 17, according to the crime log and Johnson. Using Wildfire, an app to alert users of nearby events or emergencies, UNLPD encouraged several users to file reports of messages they posted about a man bothering them, including asking where J Street was and following students in his vehicle.

Johnson said they identified the individual in another case later that morning. The case remains open until UNLPD finds and cites him.

On Thursday, Nov. 21, a UNL student reported a belated fraud, according to the crime log. Johnson said the student received a fake check from MSPA Americas, a company that is used in many scams. The case remains open, according to Johnson.

A nearby individual reported a loud party at Beta Theta Pi on Tuesday, Nov. 19, according to the crime log. UNLPD broke up the party, and about two dozen students left, according to Johnson.