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There were five reports of larceny from different vehicles at the Facilities Management Shops on March 15, according to Sgt. Margot Nason.

Tools were stolen from university-owned vehicles, according to Nason. One vehicle had $1,235 worth of tools stolen, $500 from another vehicle and $1,780 from a different vehicle, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department’s Daily Crime & Fire log. In two other vehicles, there were $1,538 and $4,699 worth of items stolen, according to the crime log.

UNLPD officers are still investigating these cases, according to Nason.

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From March 14-20, the most frequently reported crime was larceny from a motor vehicle with eight reports. Trespassing, minor in possession of alcohol and larceny from an open or other area each had three reports. Vandalism of the category “other,” not including graffiti or drive-by shooting, followed with two reports.

A UNL employee reported a catalytic converter stolen on March 18 from a UNL vehicle, according to Nason. There was $3,200 of damages to the vehicle as well, according to the crime log. This case is still open, according to Nason.

Two students were contacted after they were spotted carrying street signs on March 19 at The 50/50 apartments, according to Nason. The students were cited and released for possession of stolen property, according to Nason.

A rock was thrown through a front window at Theta Xi on March 18, according to Nason, and this case is still open.

A report of a vandalized hand sanitizer dispenser was reported on March 14 at Eastside Suites, according to the crime log. Nason said the hand sanitizer dispenser was on the floor in several pieces, but it was able to be put back together and the dispenser is working again. UNLPD is still working on this case, according to Nason.

A UNL affiliate reported on March 19 about receiving a potential fraudulent phone call at Morrison Center, according to Nason.

The unknown caller requested a meeting, but the UNL affiliate did not go to the meeting, according to Nason. UNLPD officers are still working to identify who the phone call was from, according to Nason.