Weekly crime art

On Feb. 11, there were several reports of stolen tools and equipment from a construction site at Nebraska Hall, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department Daily Crime & Fire log

The first report had batteries, power tools, drills, grinders, a jigsaw and a SAWZALL reciprocating saw stolen, which added up to $2,050, according to Sgt. Margot Nason. The second report had batteries and an impact driver stolen, which added up to $350, according to Nason. 

The third report had a drill and batteries stolen, which added up to $349, and the fourth report added up to $1,012 with faucets, a bandsaw, a radio speaker system and batteries stolen, according to Nason.

UNLPD officers are still investigating this case, Nason said.

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From Feb. 7-13, the most frequently reported crimes were vandalism of the “other” category, not including graffiti or drive-by shooting, and larceny from a building at three reports. Unintentional non-traffic property damage, stolen bike and minor in possession of alcohol followed with two reports. Narcotics of the “other” category followed with one report.

A UNL student reported a hit and run to their vehicle on Feb. 7 at Phi Gamma Delta, according to the crime log. There was $500 of damages to the vehicle, and the vehicle was hit on the frame above the front driver side tire, according to Nason.

UNLPD officers used video camera footage to identify the person who hit the vehicle, according to Nason. The person was cited and released for leaving the scene of an accident, according to Nason.

On Feb. 12 at Abel Hall, a UNL affiliate reported a belated vandalism to a hand sanitizer station, according to the crime log. Nason said someone stomped all over the hand sanitizer station, resulting in $50 of damages. UNLPD officers are currently still working on this case, according to Nason.

A UNL student reported a disturbance involving another student at Love Library South on Feb. 9, according to the crime log. Nason said it was over the use of a cell phone between two students and whether or not one student was taking pictures of another student. However, it turned out to be a misunderstanding, according to Nason.

There was a report of a damaged window at The Courtyards on Feb. 7, which resulted in $100 of damages, according to the crime log. Nason said the glass of the window was broken, and there are no suspects at this point.

A UNL affiliate reported $500 worth of damage to a door at the 501 Building on Feb. 8, according to Nason. Nason said it was originally investigated as a vandalism incident because the glass pane of a door was broken, however, there was no evidence of anything being thrown at the door, so it might have been broken because of the weather. This case is closed, according to Nason.

A UNL affiliate fell down some stairs at the Recreation and Wellness Center on Feb. 9, according to Nason. The individual sustained a cut on his forehead from the fall and was transported to the hospital, according to Nason.