Weekly crime art

An individual poured beer on a staff member’s desk at Abel Hall, according to Sgt. Margot Nason. 

On Feb. 1, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln staff member reported this minor damage caused intentionally to their work area, according to the UNL Police Department Daily Crime & Fire Log. There were no suspects, and the case is closed, according to Nason.

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From Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, larceny from a motor vehicle was the most frequently reported crime with five reports. Minor in possession of alcohol and driving with a suspended license followed with three reports. Disturbance of the “other” category, not including domestic or wild party, followed with two reports. Assault of a police officer followed with one report.

On Feb. 4, a UNL student reported that multiple vehicles parked in the FarmHouse Fraternity parking lot had broken windows and property was stolen from some of the vehicles, according to Nason.

Three vehicles had $200 in damages, one of which had sunglasses stolen as well, and one vehicle had been rummaged through, according to Nason. Another vehicle had $800 in damages and some cash stolen. Nason said one vehicle had $200 in damages, and a wallet and some cash were stolen. 

Nason said UNLPD officers are still working on this case.

A UNLPD officer was assisting a staff member at the Bridge and was punched by a non-affiliate intoxicated female on Feb. 6, according to Nason. Nason said the officer is fine, and the female was cited and lodged for third degree assault on an officer.

On Feb. 4 at the Harper-Schramm-Smith North Parking Lot, a UNL student was contacted for urinating in public, according to Nason. The student was cited and released for littering, according to Nason.

A UNL student reported on Feb. 5 that they lost their NCard, according to Nason. Nason said someone picked it up and used the balance on the NCard, which was about $300.

Nason said this case is still open.