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A non-affiliate hacker made some derogatory comments about someone’s gender identity in a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Zoom class, according to Sgt. Margot Nason.

On Sept. 1, a UNL affiliate reported a disturbance in a Zoom class, according to the UNL Police Department Daily Crime & Fire log. Even though a Zoom class can be password protected, individuals can still manage to get into a Zoom call, according to Nason. Nason said the case was closed because it was not criminal to make comments to people.

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From Aug. 30 – Sept. 5, stolen bikes were the most frequently reported crime with six reports. Larceny from a motor vehicle and not reportable hit and run accidents followed with five reports. Alcohol of the category “drunk” followed with four reports. Disturbance for the category of “other” followed with three reports.

At Abel Hall, two students reported a person taking inappropriate photos of them without their consent on Sept. 3. Also, on Sept. 4, a UNL student reported seeing someone taking inappropriate photos of another student without their consent, according to Nason.

Nason said the inappropriate pictures were taken in a shower setting, and UNLPD officers suspect the three cases are related.

On Sept. 1, outside the Nebraska Union, two UNL students were contacted by UNLPD officers because they were pulling on numerous bikes on a bike rack, according to the crime log.

Nason said the UNL students were intoxicated and were transported to The Bridge Behavioral Health, which helps individuals with sober living. Nason said the UNL students were not suspected of trying to steal the bikes.

“It looks like they were really drunk and just looking for their own bikes,” Nason said. 

On Sept. 1, two trespassing incidents and a vandalism incident were reported by UNL students regarding their vehicles at Acacia Fraternity, according to Nason.

Nason said in two of the incidents, the vehicles were rummaged through. Nason said in the other incident, the UNL student reported damage to their vehicle.

The three cases are suspected to be related, according to Nason.

At Schramm Hall, a hand sanitizer station was stolen at the housing dorm on Sept. 1, according to Nason.

The case is now closed and UNL housing is handling it, according to Nason.