UNLPD Crime Log Art

On Aug. 26, two female UNL students were walking on the sidewalk outside Love Library when a non-affiliate male exposed himself to the victims, according to Sgt. Margot Nason of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department.

The same non-affiliate exposed himself to UNL students on Aug. 15 and on Aug. 27, according to the crime log. UNLPD sent out a safety message to the UNL community regarding these incidents on Aug. 26. 

The incidents happened on the north side of Love Library, outside Abel Hall and outside the Lied Center for Performing Arts, according to the crime log.

UNLPD arrested and charged the non-affiliate male with two counts of public indecency, according to Nason.

“There was a lot of work that went into this one to make sure we got the right guy,” Nason said.

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 From Aug. 23-29, stolen bikes were the most frequently reported crime with 10 reports. Disturbance for the category of “other” followed with six reports and larceny from a building followed with three reports. Reports of a suspicious person and outside police service of the “other” category followed with two reports each.

Nason said that on Aug. 24, a female student reported receiving odd messages from a male student.

“It sounds like someone was trying to ask this person out on a date but did it in a weird way,” Nason said.

On Aug. 24, UNLPD received a report about a suspicious advertisement on the internet, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log.

Nason said a photo of multiple students was taken from a social media account and used on an advertisement for a pornographic website without the students’ knowledge. UNLPD is still investigating, according to Nason.

A non-affiliate male tried to dump a pile of dirt over a ledge at the Nebraska East Union when the power dumper went over the ledge and the individual fell on Aug. 25, according to Nason.

Nason said the individual had a cut on his right arm, scrapes on his back and received stitches at the hospital.

Nason said on Aug. 26 there was a TIPS report where a male UNL student touched a non-affiliate female inappropriately. The incident did not occur on the UNL campus, and the Omaha Police Department is investigating the case, according to Nason.

There was a domestic disturbance between a couple on Aug. 28 at the 50/50 apartments, according to Nason. Nason said one student was cited and lodged for third degree domestic assault.

On Aug. 28, a UNL student reported to UNLPD that an unknown male made inappropriate comments at her outside the Sheldon Museum of Art, according to the crime log.

Nason said the unknown male said, “Hey, pretty girl” and made kissing gestures and sounds toward her.

UNLPD officers are looking through camera footage to identify the perpetrator, according to Nason. 

Nason said it is important to call UNLPD right away rather than waiting, so UNLPD can act right away.

A group of teenagers was sitting outside the Nebraska Union on Aug. 28, and one of them grabbed a student’s backpack and acted like he was going to run away with it, according to Nason. The teenager did not steal anything, and they dropped the backpack then ran.

UNLPD officers are trying to utilize security cameras to see if the individual can be identified, according to Nason.