UNLPD 4.1.20

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department released a safety message Wednesday following a string of burglaries on UNL’s East Campus.

Three burglaries were reported to UNLPD on Monday and Tuesday that each occurred at Barkley Memorial Center, 4075 East Campus Loop South, according to UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire Log. Two thefts occurred on Monday, Dec. 13, and another on Dec. 1. Personal items were stolen from unsecured areas and offices, according to the safety message.  

Marty Fehringer, assistant chief of UNLPD, said in an email that either cash or a credit or debit card was stolen from an unsecured area in all three thefts.

The safety message described the suspect as a dark-complected female, early to mid-20’s, between 5’5” to 5’7” tall and a thin build with long braids to the middle of the back. Independent witnesses to all three crimes reported a person with the description listed in the area during the times of the crimes, according to Fehringer. 

Anyone with information regarding these cases or to report other suspicious activity, crimes or people are encouraged to call UNLPD at 402-472-2222. 

UNLPD also released “personal safety tips” to protect against theft. These include keeping rooms and office doors locked at all times and never leaving notes outside your room to indicate no one is there. If someone is acting suspiciously or attempting to enter rooms they shouldn’t, UNLPD is available to assist.

If it appears someone has entered your room, UNLPD said not to go in, touch anything or confront someone in the room or building. Instead, immediately call UNLPD from a safe location. 


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