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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Interim Police Chief Hassan Ramzah announced Monday that UNLPD will work toward improvements within the department to combat racial biases in light of recent events in America. 

In a campus-wide statement Ramzah addressed the death of George Floyd, calling the altercation “senseless and inhumane.” Ramzah promised that UNLPD will work to expand diversity and delve deeper into policy and training in order to provide upright policing for the UNL community. 

“Law enforcement officers individually and collectively have a responsibility to provide fair and equitable policing, a duty to care, and a responsibility to preserve and protect lives,” Ramzah said. “As a career law enforcement professional, I believe it is important for us to be accountable to you, actively listen to you, and work together so we can better serve you.”

Ramzah also addressed current practices and precautions that UNLPD has taken over the course of six years to provide protection and service for the UNL community. These practices include the use of body cameras, implicit bias training and public outreach programs.  

In addition to those practices, Ramzah announced that UNLPD will expand its Police Advisory Board in order to provide a more diversified perspective and adequate representation. Through the board the police department will explore more training and policy change, finding ways to move forward and eliminate any possible chances of discriminatory practice. 

“Our commitment to providing that safe environment where every person and interaction matters is unwavering — ensuring there is no discrimination based on race, gender identity, socioeconomic status or other identities that can lead to discrimination and division.”