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University of Nebraska-Lincoln students will continue online learning through the summer at a reduced cost.

Remote learning, which started this week, will continue for undergraduate, graduate and professional courses offered this summer, according to a statement from Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Spiller. Students will be notified if an in-person summer course they are enrolled in is cancelled, otherwise all learning will continue online.

“Two months ago, none of us could have imagined this is how we’d be returning from spring break,” Spiller said in the statement. “I appreciate your grit and resilience in this unprecedented moment.”

Rates for resident and non-resident students will be set at the in-person rate for the summer 2020 term, according to the statement. Online course fees and the university program and facilities fee will be waived, but students will still need to pay registration, technology and library fees.

Resident student rates for summer 2020 courses include a $20 registration fee, $11 per credit hour technology fee, a $6.25 library fee per credit hour and a base tuition rate of $252 per credit hour, according to the Financial Services Student Accounts website. Non-resident students will also pay those fees, with a base tuition rate of $800 per credit hour.  

Students in the Colleges of Architecture, Business and Engineering will be required to pay additional fees and international students will need to pay an additional fee of $120. Graduate and professional students in business, engineering and law programs will continue to pay set rates depending on their program, according to the statement.

Students’ plans have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19, including internships, study abroad, summer employment and travel, but Spiller said there will be new summer opportunities offered at UNL.

She said course offerings may be extended from the original summer schedule. More information will be provided soon, according to the statement.

“These are challenging times, and the university is committed to making sure that you have what you need for success,” Spiller said in the statement. “We are all in this together.”