This weekend, world-renowned tango instructor Nick Jones will attend the Argentine tango party and teach tango dance workshops co-hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tango Club and local dance studio Tango Valiente.

Jones will lead five Tango with Tusks workshops from Friday, Sept. 20 to Sunday, Sept. 22, according to the Facebook page. Jones also taught the Tango Club’s members during their meeting on Thursday, Sept. 19, according to graduate student and club member Christopher Olson. 

Workshop participants and UNL students can show their skills at the tango party, called “Mammoth Milonga II: Return of the Pachyderm” at Morrill Hall on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. 

“There are traveling tango instructors who travel all around the world teaching tango as their profession,” graduate student and club member Christopher Olson said. “This week we have one of those traveling tango experts coming to Lincoln ... He is arguably the best tango instructor in the United States.”

Because of Jones’s reputation in the U.S. tango community, people from the Kansas City metropolitan area and Iowa will also be coming to Lincoln to attend his class and milonga, according to Olson. Olson also said he expects non-student members of the Lincoln tango community to attend.

The Tango Club typically has one to two traveling instructors come and hold classes and a milonga each semester, according to Olson. 

The club meets on Thursday nights in the Nebraska Union Ballroom or, in order to include students who live on both East and City Campus, on East Campus. Currently, the club has around ten couples that consistently attend on Thursday evenings, and both undergraduate and graduate students at UNL attend, according to Olson. 

Olson said he came to UNL from San Francisco State University in 2017 and used dance to cope with school stress during his time as an undergraduate. He said he saw a lack of dancing at UNL, so he decided to revamp the UNL Tango Club that had been inactive for several years. 

“I was struggling academically, and joining the dance community at San Francisco State balanced my life through my undergrad,” Olson said. 

Graduate student Bianca Andrade said she came to UNL from Brazil this fall to do research. She said she was happy to find a group at UNL that brought a part of what she knew from home to Nebraska. 

“I’ve been dancing for four years, and, after six months, I started on tango,” Andrade said. “I think it is amazing to dance with someone else, and it looks like two people are one.” 

Andrade said she is excited to interact with all of the new people at the milonga and dance in Morrill Hall. 

“We’ll have the opportunity to dance with different people from different places in the United States,” Andrade said. “And the place where the milonga is is beautiful.”