Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams is described as being energetic, outgoing, a music and theatre lover and a compassionate friend.

Williams passed away on Sept. 5 at her college home in Lincoln. 

Williams began attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2017, and she was a senior textiles, merchandising and fashion design and accounting double major.

Haylee Lafrentz, senior psychology and chemistry double major, said in an email that Williams and her were random roommates their freshman year at UNL. Lafrentz said her initial impression of Williams was that she was friendly, goofy and they had similar interests, like being in theatre in high school, so it was easy for her to connect with Williams from the beginning.

“She was outgoing and passionate and kind-hearted and a million other things that I can’t accurately describe,” Lafrentz said.

Lafrentz said Williams was the type of friend that was always there for people, and it would have been a lot harder for Lafrentz to get through the last few years without her. Lafrentz said Williams was easily her best friend in Lincoln.

“She was such a great friend. Like, she was a better friend than I could ever hope to be,” Lafrentz said.

Lafrentz said Williams and her would play music while driving together or when they were hanging out in their dorm. Williams and Lafrentz had similar taste in music, like pop-punk bands from the 2000s, and Lafrentz said they both went to a Panic! At The Disco concert together last year.

“Before we saw Panic! At The Disco last year, we listened to their albums the whole week prior and the whole drive to and from Omaha that night,” Lafrentz said. “It was something that tied us together from the first time we texted before freshman year.”

Lafrentz said she is glad she was able to experience big moments with Williams, but the moments she will miss the most are the small things, and she could never truly describe those interactions and their value.

“I just want to make it clear that no recount of my memories of Taylor could ever do her justice,” Lafrentz said. “While everything I said about her and how much she means to me is true, it doesn’t come close to the impact she had on my life. When you have someone who you share endless day-to-day moments with, of which very few are bad, it’s hard to sum up how their presence will truly be missed.”

Kathy Farrell, dean of the College of Business, said in an email that it saddened her to share the news about Williams, who was frequently named to the Dean’s List and was a member of the Montage Fashion Club.

“We offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends,” Farrell said. “Our College of Business community hurts to know we have lost one of our own.”

Farrell said she encourages close friends and classmates who are deeply affected to contact UNL Counseling and Psychological Services.

Sherri Jones, dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences, said in an email that the college is deeply saddened by the loss of Williams.

“Every student contributes in significant ways to the community we create together in CEHS,” Jones said. “The loss of any student grievously wounds us all.”

Jones said CEHS extends their most sincere condolences of the entire Husker community to William’s loved ones.

Yiqi Yang, textiles, merchandising & fashion design professor, said in an email that the Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design community mourns the loss of Williams.

“She was such a bright spot in everyone’s day,” Yang said. “Our thoughts are with her family, friends and loved ones. Taylor will be missed immensely by her classmates, professors and all in our community.”