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On Friday, May 31, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Malik Watson, a 19-year old University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore broadcasting major from Omaha for two misdemeanor counts of unlawful intrusion.

After midnight on Wednesday, May 1, UNLPD received three reports of a male taking inappropriate photos of males while they were showering in Abel Hall, according to an earlier article from The Daily Nebraskan.

According to Officer Johnson of UNLPD, a male student reported that he was showering in a fifth-floor bathroom at Abel Hall around midnight on Wednesday, May 1, after a male held a black phone under the shower stall's door with the camera facing him.

Johnson verified that the student opened the shower stall door and saw the man holding the phone before he fled to a stairwell exit. Based on that description, police were able to identify Watson, who was seen on security video exiting Abel Hall stairwell at 12:55 a.m.

Johnson said despite the incident occurring May 1, the arrest warrant was issued on May 31 after a background investigation, collaboration with witnesses and victims and working with the county attorney’s office in order to get the warrant signed by a judge.

After leaving Abel Hall, Watson was observed entering neighboring Sandoz Hall at 12:56 a.m., holding a black phone. Watson went to the fourth floor, where police say he lived at the time. Later that day, Watson moved out of student housing.

Three incidents were reported to UNLPD on May 1 in men's restrooms at Abel Hall.

Johnson said incidents have only been reported in Abel Hall, but after investigating there may have been incidents in Sandoz hall. He said some students reported incidents to University Housing before UNLPD became aware of the other incidents.

The victims each reported a phone with a black case held under the shower stall door, with the camera lens facing them.