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On Thursday, Nov. 11, a freshman University of Nebraska-Lincoln student was arrested by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln police department after making death threats against Chancellor Ronnie Green on the social media platform Yik Yak. 

According to UNL assistant chief of police, Marty Fehringer, 18-year-old Jude Almquist was arrested and charged with terroristic threats before being taken to the Lancaster County Jail. 

According to an affidavit for the arrest warrant obtained by UNLPD, officer Agustin Champion testified that the department responded on Sept. 6 to a voicemail from a Yik Yak supervisor left on Aug. 31 that a post had been made which read  “Just planted a 2nd B0mb in the chancellors office!!! #HesMyChancellor”

UNLPD evacuated the second floor of Canfield Administration, where Green’s office is located, and searched it with the Explosive Detection K9 Unit, which did not turn up any explosive materials.

The phone number linked to the Yik Yak account was traced back to Almquist, who was then contacted in his dorm room by officer Champion, according to the affidavit. Almquist voluntarily spoke to Champion on Sept. 8 and admitted “I made threats about attacking the chancellor as a joke.”

Almquist also posted “Chancellor green got 360 no scoped lmao,” “Bomb in the chancellors office,” “I’m gonna rape the chancellor next” and “Chancellor green is gonna get assassinated.”

The posts were all made during late August and early September, while Green was facing intense criticism from students due to multiple high profile cases of sexual assault on campus. Yik Yak had only recently been added back to the Apple app store at the time, having been taken down years before due to toxic and violent speech on the platform.

Editor's note: Thomas Codo contributed to the reporting of this story.