The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has moved its New York Times subscription from the newsstand to the world wide web.

As of July, all faculty, staff and students with a university email address have access to a free digital New York Times subscription. The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska worked to provide digital access to the publication instead of hard copies. 

To activate a subscription, users can go to The New York Times In Education website and search for UNL. They will then be prompted to make a new account or register the subscription with an existing New York Times account. 

The subscription is available for one year. The user can renew the subscription for another year when it expires, as long as they’re still associated with UNL.

ASUN President Emily Johnson told Nebraska Today the digital subscription will allow more students access to The New York Times, regardless of their location. Additionally, she said eliminating the need for paper copies is a more sustainable practice for the university.

"Finally, ASUN acknowledges that our age group has generally shifted towards online news consumption over reading paper copies,” Johnson said in a Nebraska Today article. “We hope that by making digital access available, students will engage more with the news.”