Jordan Seitz

Jordan Seitz poses for a portrait inside Morrill Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019.

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore took her personal experience with student debt and created an award-winning business idea to help future students.

Jordan Seitz, a sophomore supply chain management major, was one of the 3-2-1 Quick Pitch competition winners, an event where students pitch business ideas. Seitz pitched her idea for a website that connects college students with financial advisors who can help them apply for the proper loans and teach them how to manage their money.

In preparation for the event, she said she largely focused on the project’s design rather than the speech she gave to the judges. As a first time Quick Pitch competitor, Seitz was shocked when her name was called as a winner.

 “When I had somebody who was an expert in that field tell me that I had a good idea and that it was valued, that was an eye opening experience,” she said.

Her website would allow students to choose the service they need help in, whether it be loans or paying rent. Then they would be able to plug in their financial information, including how they’re paying for college, and be directed to a financial advisor, according to Seitz.

“It’s really hard for me to navigate that, so I just really want to make it easier for other people to do it,” Seitz said.

Currently, her business remains in its infancy as she continues to search for more feedback on her idea and make an outline to design the organization of the website, Seitz said.

“Most of what I’ve been doing is getting reviews from people and asking them, 'Do you have this problem? Is this something you deal with on a daily basis?’ Then analyzing that to basically tailor it to my product,” Seitz said.

Her family has played a big role in her decision to major in supply chain management and create a business of her own, she said. Growing up she had several family members in the entrepreneurship industry.

“It’s something that my family values a lot, just being creative, coming up with your own idea and chasing your dreams,” she said.

Seitz said she also took inspiration for her business from the Clifton Builders Program at UNL, a program meant to help students grow their leadership and entrepreneurial potential, according to the website.

“Business is for sure my passion, and I feel like it’s something that comes naturally to me,” she said.

As Seitz continues to work on this project she hopes to someday have the website published and have a team of financial advisors available to students. To reach that goal, Seitz said she will keep gaining feedback from experts in the field.

“There’s obviously a need for it,” she said. “It’s whether or not I can get enough people to join my team.”