The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Executive Council of Multicultural Organizations released a statement asking university administration to take action after a video surfaced showing UNL student Daniel Kleve discussing violence and the future of white nationalism in the United States.

In the statement, ECMO said the commentary within the video left students from underrepresented and marginalized communities fearing for their safety on campus. The organization said students are justified in their anger, and asked administration to be proactive in the situation to ensure the safety of students on UNL’s campus.

“We do not stand for intolerance, ignorance or hateful speech both on and off of our campus,” the statement said. “Nor will we stoop to the levels of those who find pleasure in intimidating, threatening or unreasonably endangering the mental and physical health and safety of our peers.”

ECMO also asked university administration to commit to improving diversity on campus for the future by offering a required race and ethnicity course to “serve as the genesis for a new climate and culture at our University.”

“As students ourselves, we have seen the potential of what this University can become,” the statement said. “We have seen the relationships that can develop, the collaboration that can ensue and the endless possibilities of what we can create when we all work together.”

With this statement, ECMO said its intent is to shift the focus of the conversation away from “fascist and anti-fascist movements regarding the issue,” and rather center the discussion on UNL’s campus.

“This is our campus,” the statement said. “This is us seeking to transform the entire University into a safe environment that aims to improve the climate and return the focus to an atmosphere of learning. We want to ensure the safety of our students and their quality of education as well as promote positive growth - changing the world for good.”

Kleve responded to controversy surrounding the video Tuesday.