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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Honors Program offices and student housing will move to Knoll Residential Center in fall 2019, according to the Honors Program newsletter sent on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

According to Director of the University Honors Program Patrice McMahon, the honors program is moving out of Neihardt Residence Hall so students could have access to up-to-date technology and a newer facility with suite-style dorms.

This is an interim solution because a new honors building will be created in the future, but McMahon does not know when construction will begin.

“This is an opportunity for the Honors Program to be competitive with our peers in terms of what we can offer our honors students, both in terms of living and classroom space,” she said.

McMahon said the Honors Program has explored renovating the facility, but the renovations would be too expensive. Knoll has more space than Neihardt and could fit all of the first year honors students if they all chose to live there.

She said the amount of honors students who wanted to live in Neihardt has decreased in recent years.

“There’s just a lot of problems with the building,” she said. “There wasn’t going to be a way to address it easily and even over a summer, so we could have students move in here next year. Knoll is right across the street and it has the kind of dorms students are more interested in living in.”

Students will not live in Neihardt during the 2019-20 school year, and McMahon said there are no current plans for the building.

“I know that students love Neihardt — I really know that,” she said. “The reality is that young people who were living on college campuses weren’t attracted to living here, and that’s a problem for me as director of the honors program because I want our students to have experiences together...that was happening less and less in Neihardt.”