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The deadline to transition a course to or from a “pass/no pass” grading scale is extended to May 29 for all undergraduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The deadline was previously extended to April 24, but the deadline was once again extended to help students as they adapt to changes due to COVID-19, according to a statement from Executive Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Spiller.

“We want you to have this option because, while the circumstances surrounding this semester are hard, we have confidence in you,” Spiller said in the statement. “We know you are capable of doing great things, and we want you to be able to have the fullest opportunities to make progress on your goals.”

The “pass/no pass” policy will apply to all spring 2020 courses, including courses that could not be transitioned to the policy before now, according to the statement. If students receive a “pass,” the course will fulfill degree, major, prerequisite or graduation requirements, but a “no pass” would not satisfy those requirements. 

Any course transitioned to the policy will not be factored into a student’s GPA.

The Office of the University Registrar will be checking grades to ensure that students are eligible for graduation, according to Leslie Reed, director of public affairs for UNL. Students will likely know where they stand before commencement on May 9 and should check their grades accordingly.

Reed said students wanting to make the change to a “pass/no pass” course must consult with an academic adviser before doing so to understand the process, potential consequences and make sure they are on track for graduation.

“Take care of yourself during these unusual times,” Spiller said in the statement. “Make the decisions that are best for you and that will allow you to thrive and be successful his semester, however that might be. And know the university is here for you.”