Jordan Litten

Jordan Litten, freshman economics major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is living out his dream thanks to his hard work and creativity.

Throughout high school, Litten cultivated a passion for videography and photography and began developing his skills with a dream to one day work in sports media. 

Now, Litten is living out his dream, working as a creative for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team.

Litten grew up in Dallas. His career began in 2018 during his junior year of high school when he discovered a talent for sports communication and videography. Using his skills to create videos and shoot photos, Litten garnered a substantial social media following.

“I tweeted at the end of basketball season my best clips trying to show off what I could do,” Litten said. “And it had like 3,000 retweets and 200,000 views.” 

Litten’s glimpse of fame caught the eye of Orah Garst, the Nebraska football director of creative and engagement. Garst reached out to Litten after seeing his highlight reel and invited him to visit Nebraska.

“I visited Nebraska, met [Garst] and then I just fell in love with the school, with the university and with the program, so I decided to come up here,” he said.

Working directly with the Huskers football team, Litten gets to contribute to one of the biggest sports media programs in Nebraska.

“Being able to do what I love is awesome, I love it, I’m blessed,” he said.

Litten’s day-to-day work is often varied. His tasks include showing up on game days to shoot video and take photos, capturing behind-the-scenes moments at practices and coming up with new and fresh ideas for marketing the Huskers on social media.

“I think what excites me about the job and the industry and getting a new project is just the different ways you can take it,” he said. 

Litten’s most recent project involved working with a team of other creatives in October to launch a Halloween-themed video production to reveal a new alternative uniform for the Huskers.

The project began with Litten, his boss and colleagues brainstorming ideas for a new video. 

Litten said that his team came up with the idea to shoot the video at a haunted house and set up a full-scale production set at Scary Acres in Omaha. The team of creatives shot a video portraying a football player in the new Husker uniform running around and scaring classic Halloween monsters, played by employees of Scary Acres. 

“Being able to see some of my clips make the final product, to be able to say that I had a hand in making it, was super dope,” Litten said. 

Litten spoke with a lot of excitement and gratitude for his current position, and expressed a passion for the sports industry.

“Being able to be within the football program, being able to be around some of the players, around the guys, around the coaches and having that sense of family, because it really is like a family up there, is my favorite part,” Litten said. 

Sonja Duval, freshman advertising and public relations major and creative with Nebraska football, works alongside Litten.

“You can just tell he is always thinking and the gears never stop going,” Duval said.

Duval also worked with Litten on the uniform reveal video and said she was impressed with his creativity. 

“He’s going places, that’s all I can say,” she said.

Litten said his greatest advice to people wanting to work in a creative field is to not get discouraged, and that there are always opportunities to improve and get better if you keep working hard.

“The more you practice the better you get, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen,” he said.

Litten said he is not sure what his future has in store for him, but he loves the work he is doing and hopes to continue inspiring other creatives.

“I really just want to make cool stuff that people enjoy, that brings smiles to people’s faces,” he said.