State of the University 2.14.20

Chancellor Ronnie Green speaks during the State of the University Address in the Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On Wednesday, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green sent an email regarding university employment and how the university is transitioning through this time.

Green said UNL employees, including student workers on campus, are able to work from home starting Monday, March 23. He said social distancing provides the best way to flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19 and lessens the impact the disease has on communities and the health care system.

Residence halls will stay open for students who are unable to return home. He said many students have already checked out of their residence halls, which gives the university a greater number of available rooms to spread out students in order to continue their practice of social distancing. 

“Our objective first and foremost, is the safety of our UNL community, safety of our loved ones and safety of the broader community that we call home,” Green said.

As UNL transitions to a remote learning and research environment, Green said the university’s focus remains on the education of the students and the continuation of the university’s research mission.

“For our students, I know this is a time of tremendous uncertainty for you,” Green said.

He said UNL’s staff and faculty are working continuously to ensure that the remainder of the semester will be successful for students and their academic journey. UNL is committed to celebrate its graduating class, even if the university is unable to have its normal commencement ceremony. 

“This is a challenging time, for all of us and in a myriad of ways,” Green said.

Despite the challenges, Green said UNL’s academic leadership, faculty and staff are doing what they can for UNL students.

“The challenges we face from this global pandemic are in many ways unprecedented,” Green said. “But what I know, and what I’ve seen countless times at this university, is that we come together. We lend a hand. We figure it out. We get it done. We are Nebraska. We will come through this, I’m absolutely confident, stronger and better as an institution and as people individually and collectively.”