October crime log

This October, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department saw bike thefts, fraud and minors in possession of alcohol, but also a number of sexual assaults. 

John Backer, police operations captain for UNLPD, said he did not go through the numbers, but anecdotally, it seems like there have been a few more sexual assaults reported then UNLPD officers normally see. 

Backer said a UNL student belatedly reported a sexual assault occurring at Smith Hall on Oct. 6. Backer said the student identified a suspect and proceeded with an exam at a hospital. Backer said they had known each other as acquaintances prior to the assault.

At this time, the student does not want to move forward with prosecution, but they can always change their mind and proceed with the charges if they choose to later, according to Backer.

On Oct. 13, a non-affilate individual reported a belated sex assault occurring at Phi Kappa Psi, according to the UNLPD’s Daily Crime & Fire log.

Backer said a non-student and their ex-boyfriend had been drinking together and he proceeded to sexually assault her.

The case is technically inactive, but it is still open if the individual wants to proceed with the prosecution or report more information, according to Backer.

On Oct. 14, UNLPD received a report regarding a sexual assault that occurred at Schramm Hall on Oct. 5, according to the crime log.

Backer said the victim, a student and the individual had been drinking alcohol. Backer said the individual sexually assaulted her and the victim reported the incident to her mentor, then later on, someone reported it to UNLPD.

UNLPD officers made contact with the victim, did safety planning and provided her with resources, according to Backer. Backer said she is working with an advocate, but declined criminal prosecution or investigation at this time. Backer said the person responsible is known. 

It was reported on Oct. 14 that UNLPD received information regarding non-affiliates potentially exchanging sexually explicit material online, according to the crime log. Backer said UNLPD officers were investigating an unrelated case, but this individual gave consent to a UNLPD officer to review the images on his phone. Backer said the UNLPD officer was in the presence of the person when they located child pornography.

UNLPD discovered that the non-affiliates were sharing these child pornographic images as well, according to Backer. Backer said UNLPD involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take over the case.

On Oct. 27, a UNL student reported a sexual assault occurring at Sandoz Hall, according to Backer. Backer said it is related to another case with the same perpetrator, but with different circumstances. Backer said this one is still being investigated.

A UNL student reported a sexual assault occurring off campus on Oct. 27, according to Backer. Backer said it did not occur on campus or in Lincoln, so UNLPD officers forwarded it to the appropriate agency to have oversight of the case if the victim chooses to proceed with it.

A UNL student made a belated report of unwanted sexual contact on Oct. 26, which occurred at Abel Hall, according to the crime log.

Backer said the person responsible is no longer on campus, but UNLPD officers are still working on this case.

“We respect the victims’ wishes on how they want to pursue the case,” Backer said. “It’s a very personal crime, so we want them to be in control with what happens in that case and how they want to proceed with that. We encourage use of advocates to work with through the victims in cases like this.”